Yellowstone’s future ‘in trouble’ as Kevin Costner lands new role away from Paramount

Kevin Costner's latest project has added fuel to the fire amid persistent rumours the Hollywood A-lister will be stepping down from the series after season five.

The highly anticipated return of Yellowstone, which is presently in the middle of its fifth season, is still awaited by millions of viewers worldwide

The main series featuring Kevin Costner as John Dutton could be in peril as its greatest star is reportedly ready to leave the project

Taylor Sheridan's successful Paramount franchise is aiming to go even further, with at least three spin-offs now in the works

The West, a forthcoming docuseries for the History Channel, will be hosted by Costner.

The Hollywood movie actor will provide a fresh viewpoint on the American frontier by drawing on his experience filming some of the most well-known Westerns.

However, arguably his most iconic Western role could be coming to an end after more than five years of portraying ranch owner John Dutton.


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