‘Yellowstone’s’ Most Compelling Drama Is Behind the Scenes

With Kevin Costner reportedly demanding more money and threatening to leave Paramount’s biggest show, here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening with “Yellowstone.”

To comprehend the high-stakes drama surrounding Yellowstone's impending sixth season, you don't need to be up to speed on the show

The paramount show on the Paramount Network, which stars Kevin Costner in a role he apparently wants to leave, is in the midst of a dilemma

The actor still seems eager to leave the show, despite winning a Golden Globe for season five, which could have a similarly negative effect as James Gandolfini quitting The Sopranos too soon.

Known as a "dad show," Yellowstone has amassed a huge fan base over its five seasons, partly because of Costner's portrayal of ranch owner and patriarch John Dutton.

Under Taylor Sheridan's direction, the series' original viewership of about 3 million people has grown to a stunning average of 7 million to 8 million

Sheridan has increased his work with Paramount as a result of Yellowstone.

Yet, Costner and Paramount appear to have a different connection. For the 16-episode fifth season, Costner reportedly requested $1.2 million per episode